Sepharad Chronicles

Sepharad Chronicles: Our Quest for Semah de Valencia.

Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche Valencia

These are our Sepharad Chronicles. Our quest to find our Semah de Valencia ancestors. This page will be updated with the posts of the Jewish Quarters, museums, synagogues, cemeteries, cities, and countries. 

Night tour to Jewish Quarter. Sagunto, Valencia, Spain
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Cordoba - Cordoba Jewish Quarter.
Sagunto - Jewish Quarter. Arch at Placeta de la Jueria and Portalet de la Sang. 
Sagunto - Streets of Sagunto Jewish Quarter.
Sagunto - Night tour to Sagunto Jewish Quarter.
Segovia - Necropolis de los Judios.   
Toledo - Sephardic Museum of Toledo.
Valencia - Jewish Quarter. 

Krakow  - Jewish Quarter

Coming soon:

Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Jewish Historical Museum 
Amsterdam, The Netherlands -  Portuguese Synagogue. 
Auschwitz, Poland - Concentration Camp
Sevilla, Spain
Valencia, Spain 


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