Countries and cities we have visited. #abuelosmochileros_floryjose

#TravelChronicles. Acoording to several travel experts like Rick Steves, we should find why we travel and what kind of travelers we are (tourists, travelers with a purpose, or pilgrims). We have find our why by combining two of them. We have traveled for business, academics, vacations, pilgrimages, Scouting, and cultural tourism. We decided to minimize "stuff" to be able to travel more. We like to explore new places, connect with culture, history, and people, and discover new treasures, and lessons to share and educate others. "Life is a Continuous Learning Adventure" has been our motto for years. Recently we added "Travel, Explore, Discover, Learn, and Educate" to keep adding purpose to our trips. We are pilgrims as we focus in Holy places,temples, and churches that connect us better to Go and His messages. We have been in Fatima, Lourdes, and Medjugorge to follow the aparitions of the Virgin and we continue researching about ancient Jewish Quarters and Routes of Sephardies to geolocalize their landmarks and improve cultural tourism. This Fall we added Malta to our Travel Map. It was a short visit to Valletta but we are going back to explore their beautiful places. Be safe, stay healthy, and keep traveling with a purpose. Updated Dec 16, 2021. 


    • Canary Islands