Búbal Reservoir and Dam, Pyrenees Mountains from Huesca, Aragón. #FranceAdventures2022


France Adventures 2022 Chronicles. After stopping in Biescas we continue the road up to 'Embalse de Búbal'. The Bubal reservoir is a Spanish reservoir located in the Pyrenean Valley of Tena that collects the waters of the Gállego River, a tributary of the Ebro River, in addition to those of other small streams and torrents descending from the surrounding mountains. We were able to admire the top of the mountains with snow. We were also able to stop in several areas to see the reservoir. #abuelosmochileros_spain. #franceadventures2022 #normandycamporee2022 

Google Review of Bubal Reservoir.


In one end of the reservoir is the Bubal Dam. The hycroelectric power plant with a turbine regulates the water in the Búbal reservoir, built and operated by the Ebro Hydrographic Confederation to regulate the Gállego and ensure irrigation in the basin. The dam is an arch-gravity dam 90 m high and 195 m long at the crest. Create a reservoir of 64 Hm 3 that complemented with that of Lanuza, is destined to the irrigation of the Gállego.

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