Global Learning Adventures in Europe 2019

Global Learning Adventures 2019 in Europe

We crossed Atlantic Ocean for the second time. This time aboard Rhapsody of the Seas from Tampa, Florida to Barcelona, Spain. After our arrival we drove to Port Sagunto near Valencia to establish our new base in Spain. More than 500 years later, a descendant from Sephardic Jews returned to Spain. Semah de Valencia returned to Valencia. 

During these months we went back to Andalucia, Madrid, and Zaragoza. Our research of "Juderias de España" and "Cultural Tourism Specialization Course" motivated us to explore many cities and towns of "Comunitat Valenciana".

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Transatlantic Cruise 2019
Tampa, Florida
Key West, Florida
Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
Malaga, Spain
Barcelona, Spain

Sagunto, Spain (*)
Port Sagunto, Spain
Valencia, Spain (*)
Madrid, Spain

Andalucia Trip  
Albacele, Spain
Cordoba, Spain (*)
Malaga, Spain (*)
Benalmadena, Spain
Fungirola, Spain 

Zaragoza Trip 
Teruel, Spain (*)
Zaragoza, Spain (*)

Comunitat Valenciana Adventures 2019 / Cultural Tourism Specialization Course
Onda, Spain (*)
Montanejos, Spain
La Vall D'Uixo, Spain
Canet D'en Berenguer, Spain
Segorbe, Spain
Alicante, Spain (*)
Campello, Spain
Altea, Spain
Xativa, Spain (*)
L'Nova, Spain
Alzira, Spain (*)
Vilafames, Spain
Burriana, Spain (*)
Castellon, Spain (*)
Valencia - La Albufera, Spain 
Vila-real, Spain (*)
Torres-Torres, Spain 
Petrés, Spain 

(*) - Juderias de España


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