Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sepharad Chronicles: Segovia. Necropolis de los Judios | Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche Valencia

#SepharadChronicles continue remembering our visit to #NecropolisDeLosJudios in #Segovia. Our quest for #SemahDeValencia has taken us to search synagogues, museums, and cemeteries.#ecaptains2014 #ecaptains_segovia#ecaptains_spain #ecaptains_cemeteries#ecaptains_semah

Necropolis de los Judios, Segovia.

Jewish cemeteries are normally located outside the walls of the city or castles.

Necropolis de los Judios, Segovia.

We normally hike to hidden places to find #Sephardic history. We have to come back to#Segovia to search with more time.

Necropolis de los Judios, Segovia

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