Sepharad Chronicles: Our Quest for Semah de Valencia. Streets of Sagunto Jewish Quarter. | Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche Valencia

Portalet near Roman Amphitheater

We continued exploring the narrow streets of the 'Juderia' entering under the arch near the Roman Apmphitheater. Crossing the arch your can look to the East and see Sagunto Castle on top of the hill. 

Sagunto Castle from one of the narrow streets of Jewish Quarter.  

We continued walking west from the arc.

The Jewish Quarter was located on the west side of the Roman theater and was fortified in 1321, with the permission of James II. In 1328 the community was granted permission to acquire land for a new cemetery.

More about Jewish Quarter of Sagunto: 

Morviedro is the medieval name for the modern town of Sagunto

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