Sepharad Chronicles: Our Quest for Semah de Valencia. Sephardic Museum of Toledo. | Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche Valencia

We continued our quest for Semah de Valencia family exploring other cities and Sephardic Museums. We arrived to Toledo for a short visit. 

#JuderíaDeToledo. #SepharadChronicles #SemahDeValenciaChronicles. We started our visit to #ToledoJewishQuarter looking for information about our ancestors in the Sephardic Museum. We explored the rooms and store. We found the book "historia de los Judios de España" by D. Adolfo de Castro (1847). It was a new resource to spark our interest in our quest to find out how Sephardic Jews traveled from Spain to other countries. We will be back to explore "Judería de Toledo" again.

Museo Sefardi. Toledo, Spain. 
Museo Sefardi. Toledo, Spain

Museo Sefardi. Toledo, Spain

Museo Sefardi. Toledo, Spain
Historia de los Judios en España

Jewish Toledo Souvenirs. Red de Juderias.


Museo Sefardi. 

Red de Juderias. Caminos de Sefarad.


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