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Caribbean Cruise - Roatan, Costa Maya, Belize y Cozumel - 2015

En Diciembre 2015 partimos de Tampa, FL en el barco  "Star" de la linea de cruceros Norwegian,  rumbo a las lindas playas de Roatan, Belize, Costa Maya y Cozumel. Las playas son deliciosas, color turquesas, sin olas y con una temperatura perfecta. Tambien disfrutamos por primera vez de la linea de cruceros Norwegian, la cual nos encanto por su "free style" para comer.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

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Moving our Travel Adventures Blog to Blogger. Check our categories by countries, cities, regions, cruises, events and activities. More pictures and links coming soon. Flor & Jose.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Japan - 23rd World Scout Jamboree - Tent City of Flags - 2015

Boy Scouts of America sent more than 1600 scouts to the 23rd World Scout Jamboree in Kirarahama, Yamaguchi, Japan. Southeast Coast Troop 204 was part of BSA Southern Region. We camped in ENA Sub-Camp E23 with more than 8000 scouts. Total WSJ2015 scouts were 34,000 from around 150 countries and territories.

About Yamaguchi Prefecture (Site of Jamboree)
Yamaguchi Prefecture is located in the westernmost part of Honshu, and is surrounded on three sides by the sea. With the Chugoku mountain range running from East to West, Yamaguchi Prefecture can be broadly divided up into three regions: the Seto Inland Sea area, the inland mountain area, and the Japan Sea coast area.
The population is approximately 1.45 million people (according to a year 2010 census), and the area is approximately 6,100 km2. The prefectural government capital is located in Yamaguchi City.
Yamaguchi Prefecture boasts a mid climate and is largely spared from earthquake, flood and storm damage. It enjoys the reputation of being a very comfortable place to live.
Yamaguchi has approximately 1,500 km of coastline, including the calm Seto Inland Sea National Park dotted with many islands and the wild, rough coast of the Japan Sea national Park dotted with many islands and the wild, rough coast of the Japan Sea at the Kita Nagato Kaigan National Park . Our prefecture receives many visitors who come to see the changing seasons in the primeval forests and beautiful gorges that make up the Western Chugoku Mountain Range national Park.

See more World Scout Jamboree pictures in our Flickr photo albums:
WSJ2015 Cultural Day
WSJ2015 Tent City of Flags
WSJ2015 Troop 204 BSA Southeast Coast

Japan - Tokyo & Yokohama - World Scout Jamboree - 2015

Touring temples in Tokyo

Tour to Tokyo & Yokohama, Japan after 23rd World Scout Jamboree.

Touring market streets in Tokyo

Tours after 2015 World Scout Jamboree

Tokyo Experience

Breakfast at hotel restaurant

Asakusa and Nakamise Shopping Arcade

Located along the west bank of the Sumida River, the Asakusa area was once a town that provided for the needs of visitors to the nearby Senso-ji Temple.

Today, this area known for its mix of historic and modern culture. The Kaminari Gate stands as a backdrop for this area and leads to Nakamise, one of  the oldest shopping centers in Japan.

Edo Tokyo Museum

The Edo Tokyo Museum  was founded on March 28, 1993 to preserve the historical legacy of the Edo culture and to serve as a place to explore the cultural possibilities of Tokyo’s future.

The permanent exhibition areas, original exhibits, dioramas, and large-scale models are faithful representations of the originals. The displays have been reproduced after painstaking investigations and research to maintain accuracy to the originals.

Lunch at local restaurant

Meiji Shrine

The Meiji Shrine was founded in 1921 to enshrine the Emperor and Empress Meiji, Japan’s first emperor following the demise of the samurai class.

Meiji Shrine is located in a precious wooded area in the heart of the city. Some compare this Yoyogi Koen, the park besides the shrine, to New York City’s Central Park, and is a soothing oasis for urban city dwellers.

Harajuku Street

Harajuku is the name of the area that stretches from the south of the Sendagaya Area to Jingumae-machi. This area is famous shopping and entertainment district for the young and trendy.

Harajuku’s main attraction is Takeshita Street, a narrow busy pedestrian street with many small stores, boutiques, restaurants and cafes.

Dinner at local restaurant

Yokohama Excursion

Breakfast at hotel restaurant

Unknown Scout Soldier Monument at Kodomo no Kuni

This statue is memorial based on a true story from a fierce battle that took place on an island in the South Pacific Ocean during World War II.
A wounded American soldier was approached by a Japanese soldier during battle. The American soldier expected to be killed, only to faint and wake up to find his wounds bound and a note left by the Japanese  soldier. Seeing the American soldier making the three-fingered Scout salute, the Japanese soldier – who also happened to be a Scout-felt he could not kill a fellow Scout brother and instead decided to tend the wound.
This monument commemorates the powerful bond that connects Scouts across borders.

Hakkeijima Sea Paradise

Located on the tip of the Yokohama Bay, this modern theme park is home to one of the top aquariums in Japan. The aquarium features over 100.000 sea creatures, and has a beautiful undersea tunnel that visitors can walk through.
The amusement park portion includes a ferris wheel, roller coaster, merry-go-round, and acrobatic shows that visitors can enjoy.

Lunch at Hakkeijima Sea Paradise

Mitsubishi Minatomirai Industrial Museum

Created by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in 1994,  this museum allows young people to explore their dreams by introducing intriguing innovations in the science and technology fields.

This museum introduces visitors to state-of-the-art technology through life sized and enlarged models.

Dinner at local restaurant

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Japan - Hiroshima Peace Program - 23rd World Scout Jamboree - 2015

Updated: Oct 22, 2015. Japan 70 Years Later: Lessons from 2015 World Scout Jamboree.
Lesson 1 - Hiroshima 70 Years Later: Origami Cranes for Peace.
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Hiroshima Peace Program. 2015 World Scout Jamboree

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and Museum

August 2015

70th Anniversary of the Hiroshima Bombing (English)

70th Anniversary of the Hiroshima Bombing (Spanish)

Children's Peace Memorial. Origami Cranes for Peace
No more Hiroshimas! is the expression used to ask for peace and that never will be any additional uses of nuclear bombs on cities or against people. The Hiroshima Peace Program during 23rd world Scout Jamboree is a program created by the Scouts of HiroshimaA one-day off-site program to Hiroshima provided opportunity for all 34,000 Scouts from 150 countries to learn from the events of 1945. Participants visited Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park including the museum. As Messengers of Peace, world Scouts have the responsibility to share their experiences and continue the Hiroshima Peace Program in their own countries. 
Children's Peace Memorial. Origami Cranes for Peace

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Mueum
34000 Scouts de 150 paises del #WSJ2015 visitaron Hiroshima y participaron en el Programa de Paz de Scouts de Hiroshima. La region Interamericana presente. Somos #MensajerosdelaPaz #ScoutsUSA#ScoutsColombia #ScoutsVenezuela #ScoutIAR — atHiroshima Peace Memorial.

Scouts in front of Hiroshima Dome

August 6th Remembrance Ceremony. World Scout Jamboree 2015

Hiroshima photo albums:
Hiroshima Peace Program Flickr Photo Album
Hiroshima 70 Years Later. World Scout Jamboree Japan 2015©DrLepervanche Social Media Slides.


Sunday, July 19, 2015

Japan - Yokohama - 2015


Buddhist Temple Kodo-San

Visit Yokohama

Japan - Nagato - 2015

Nagato Festival

World Scout Jamboree in Japan. One patrol of BSA Southeast Coast Troop 204 went to Nagato, Yamaguchi as part of the World Scout Jamboree Community Program. Other patrols went to different cities and towns. #WSJ2015 Community Program.

Nagato City, Yamaguchi

Visit Nagato

More pictures via Scouting Adventures Flickr Album

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Spain - Toledo - 2015


Toledo is set on a hill above the plains of Castilla-La Mancha in central Spain. It’s known for the medieval Arab, Jewish and Christian monuments in its walled old city, and as the former home of the artist El Greco. The Moorish Bisagra Gate and the Sol Gate, in Mudéjar style, open into the old quarter, where the Plaza de Zocodover is a lively central meeting place.

Toledo está situado en una colina sobre la llanura de Castilla-La Mancha en el centro de España. Es conocida por los monumentos medievales árabes, judíos y cristianos en su ciudad vieja amurallada y como la antigua casa del artista El Greco. La morisca puerta de Bisagra y la Gate del Sol, en estilo Mudéjar, abren en el casco antiguo, donde la Plaza de Zocodover es un lugar de reunión central animada.

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Toledo, Spain

The Alcázar of Toledo is a stone fortification located in the highest part of Toledo, Spain.  

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More pictures of Toledo (Flickr)

How to Connect Global Learning Adventures with the Sustainable Development Goals / Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche / #My4SDGs #GLOBE4SDGs

2019 new Global Learning Adventures will be related to specific Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We are creating awareness with the SDG...