How we lost weight during our summer adventures in Europe | Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche Valencia

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We hiked down fro a hill to the sea for a couple of hours, climbed more than 200 steps to hermitage on top of the island and then back down and hiked up for another two hours.  
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Sepharad Chronicles: Poland. Surviving Fragment of the Krakow Ghetto Wall | Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche Valencia

Surviving fragment of the Krakow Ghetto wallDuring our 2016 Global Learning Adventures in Krakow, Poland, were were near the Jewish Quarter. We explored the synagogues  and found a surviving fragment of the Krakow Ghetto Wall. 

"Between March 1941 and March 1943 a small section of the Podgórze district of Krakow was walled off and served as a holding pen, or ghetto, for about 15,000 Jewish residents of Krakow. Podgórze is a suburb of Krakow lying on the south side of the Vistula River while the main city lies on the north side. Podgórze is not very big and only part of it was walled off. You can walk from one side of the ghetto area to the other in less than five minutes. A dozen small streets that had been home to around 3,000 people suddenly became home to 15,000 people." Ref:

Kazimierz Jewish Quarter, Krakow, Poland

Manhattan Beach - Roundhouse Aquarium

When we visited Manhattan Beach the Roundhouse Aquarium in the pier was closed for remodeling. They placed a temporary location at the beach that was very convenient for visitors. It was a cool way to keep the interest and the affluence of visitors to the aquarium.

Manhattan Beach, California - Coffee and Cake

Spring break in California ended driving from Santa Monica to Manhattan Beach before heading to L.A. International Airport. We were looking to a place to have a good coffee and cake. After checking several places, we found this unique spot with a beautiful inside garden. our latte was great and the chocolate cake was perfect. We enjoyed the short time visiting the garden and imagine a romantic dinner near the fireplace. 


Spain - Huesca , Castillo de Loarre


 El castillo de Loarre, situado en Huesca (España), es la mejor fortaleza románica de Europa. Uno de los más antiguos de España. Fue construido en los momentos más peligrosos de la reconquista, en el siglo XI, cuando los reinos cristianos se habrían paso hacia el sur de la península. Sancho III, rey de Navarra, ordenó construirlo como avanzadilla sobre la Hoya de Huesca. El castillo fue ampliado por el rey de Aragón y Navarra Sancho Ramírez.

 Dentro del Castillo de Loarre, encontramos una cripta, una ermita y una iglesia románica. La entrada al castillo está flanqueada por capiteles esculpidos, uno de ellos es un hombre desnudo y de cuclillas tapándose la nariz, dejando ver sus genitales.

 En el pasillo escalonado, a la derecha, está la cripta de Santa Quiteria, actualmente ya no quedan reliquias que en su día tuvo tener, pero si se encuentra un perro esculpido en la entrada, como protector de la cripta.

Arriba se encuentra la iglesia de San Pedro, la joya …