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Global Management At Sea / Transatlantic Ocean Crossing Online Course Content / Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche

Our Spring 2020 term includes Global Management and Management of Information Systems topics related to Maritime industries. We are using our videos and photos from our last Transatlantic Cruises to add additional content to our online courses. We are using our blogs and social media to highlight the topics and their relation to courses' units and modules. #GlobalManagementCourseAtSea content are being embedded in our #GlobalManagement, #StrategicManagement, and #InformationSystems courses.

Global Management at Sea
Unit 1. Tourism and Hospitality Management
1.1. Tourism Management at Sea. Ports of Call. Excursions. Cultural Tourism
1.2. Hospitality Management at Sea. Hotel Services. Food and Beverages
Unit 2. Ship Management and Careers at Sea
2.1. Cruise Ships Management
2.2. Cargo Ships Management
2.3. Tall Ships Management
2.3. Careers at Sea. Maritime industries. Coast Guard and Navy. Sea Scouts
Unit 3. Information Systems and Communications at Sea
3.1. Information Systems at S…

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