Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sepharad Chronicles: Segovia. Necropolis de los Judios | Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche Valencia

#SepharadChronicles continue remembering our visit to #NecropolisDeLosJudios in #Segovia. Our quest for #SemahDeValencia has taken us to search synagogues, museums, and cemeteries.#ecaptains2014 #ecaptains_segovia#ecaptains_spain #ecaptains_cemeteries#ecaptains_semah

Necropolis de los Judios, Segovia.

Jewish cemeteries are normally located outside the walls of the city or castles.

Necropolis de los Judios, Segovia.

We normally hike to hidden places to find #Sephardic history. We have to come back to#Segovia to search with more time.

Necropolis de los Judios, Segovia

Monday, August 18, 2014

Colombia - Bogota - 2014

 Museo del Oro, Bogota
 Museo del Oro, Bogota
 Museo del Oro, Bogota

 Museo del Oro, Bogota
 Museo del Oro, Bogota
 Museo del Oro, Bogota
 Museo del Oro, Bogota

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Monday, June 30, 2014

Sepharad Chronicles: Back to Spain. Our Quest for Semah de Valencia | Dr. Jose G Lepervanche Valencia

Our Valencia family knew that our ancestors were Sephardic Jews who went from Spain to the Netherlands, Curacao, and Venezuela. Documents from my mother Dilia Valencia Parparcen and my uncle Dr. Joel Valencia Parparcen mentioned how our family settled in Barcelona, Anzoategui State and Porlamar, Nueva Esparta State in the oriental region of Venezuela.

I emigrated to Florida, USA in 1994 and took these documents with me. During many years, cousins shared with others what they knew about our Jewish heritage, transmitted by oral or written methods. 

In 2014 My wife and I went to Spain and arrived to Port Sagunto near Valencia. We went to Sagunto to visit the Jewish Quarter and the Castle of Sagunto. This first encounter with Sepharad was the beginning of our quest to find our family. This is the quest for Semah de Valencia family. This was the motivation to write our Sepharad Chronicles. 

Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche Valencia

Monday, June 23, 2014

Greece - Athens - 2014

Tour to Athens during 2014 Mediterranean Cruise aboard Serenade of the Seas.

Spain - Segovia - 2014


Segovia is a historic city northwest of Madrid in central Spain. Its centuries of settlement have resulted in a rich architectural legacy, including medieval walls, Romanesque churches, a former royal palace and a Gothic cathedral. Its iconic ancient Roman aqueduct has more than 160 arches, most in the original mortarless granite, and stands above Plaza Azoguejo in the heart of the city.

Segovia es una ciudad del noroeste de Madrid, en el centro de España. Sus siglos de asentamiento han dado como resultado un rico legado arquitectónico, incluyendo murallas medievales, iglesias románicas, un antiguo palacio real y una catedral gótica. Su emblemático acueducto romano antiguo tiene más de 160 arcos, más en el granito sin mortero original y está por encima de la Plaza Azoguejo en el corazón de la ciudad.

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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Mostar - 2014

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Trip to Medjugorje and Mostar from Italy crossing Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Misa en Medjugorie 

Aparicion de la Virgen en Medjugorie

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